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About SRF

Refitting boats is one of our biggest passions. Throughout the years, we have converted poorly maintained hulls into healthy boats. We always respect and honour the character of the boat, maintaining an appropriate appearance.

In addition to complete refits, we also carry out partial refits on a regular basis. We will assess your boat in advance and give you sound advice, so you know exactly what to expect.

SRF Then

The year is 1975. Lex Tichellaar has decided to turn his passion into a profession by starting a company specialised in the refit and renovation of old vessels. Being his own boss means he’s able to interpret his passion (read: mission) exactly as he likes: safeguarding vintage vessels for future generations. With a clear understanding of what owners find important, Lex starts his new business from a working vessel in Leeuwarden. He knows success will depend on his ability to convince clients that he’s able to do the job for a reasonable price and within the deadline, supported by his extensive knowledge and experience.

SRF And now..

Fast forward almost half a century and Scheepsreparatie Friesland BV is led by six partners. The company has developed into an internationally renowned yard covering over 16,500 m² with all the essential facilities for top-quality shipbuilding, complete refits and skilled repairs. Lex’s mission remains key to everything we do and always serves as the guideline in our activities. Recent client surveys indicate how they see our two main values as trust and full-service.

Which is good as these two pillars are still the main raison d’être for SRF today.

Full service Service

Although SRF is a market leader in chartering, we also have broad experience and specific knowledge which allows us to use our expertise on sail and motoryachts, the classic segment, professional vessels and houseboats. To meet the varying demands of our clients, SRF has become a genuine full-service provider. We can take care of the entire trajectory of your vessel, from the first basic sketch to delivery of a ready-to-sail vessel to its proud owner. 

SRF clients always have a single point of contact for issues such as planning, construction, project management, technology, financial aspects and quality control. This keeps everything under one umbrella, enhancing both our flexibility and our efficiency. 

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