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SRF is renowned as a specialist in rebuilding existing vessels into comfortable houseboats. We have gained a wealth of experience and knowledge from literally hundreds of vessels, and have a significant market share in this niche market. Our experts know exactly how everything works and are familiar with even the smallest details. Many of our clients are from Utrecht, Amsterdam and Rotterdam, but we’ve also worked for houseboat owners from the UK, Germany and France who found their way to Harlingen.

New houseboats

And our expertise in this field is not limited to rebuilds. We can also create you a brand-new houseboat – fully custom-built and with an authentic look & feel. SRF is used to working in close cooperation with renowned and highly experienced architects (linkje naar ‘ontwerp’). The main advantage of a new design is that it allows us to make the most of the available living space. Starting with a level underwater segment without an engine means we can offer you considerably more living space than when rebuilding an existing vessel. 

Hulls in stock

Your new houseboat will be created using the latest technology, electronics, energy requirements and, if necessary, other smart comforts such as the installation of a Domotics system. SRF has various hulls in stock which we can show you upon request. If you see something you like we can exchange thoughts on how we might make your dream houseboat a reality.

Feel free to visit us in Harlingen or plan an appointment here.

Berth assistence

Finding and obtaining a berth for your houseboat is increasingly challenging. Local authorities are making the process more complex for people unfamiliar with the world of houseboat regulations. SRF is very familiar with these issues and will happily provide advice and assist you with the process. Leveraging on our extensive network, we know how to gain access to the best berths and have the experience to support you all the way. We can provide more information on this key topic once you visit us in Harlingen.

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If you have any questions, refit or newly-build plans, or if you want to visit our shipyard in Harlingen to have a look around, please contact us to make a no-obligation appointment.

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