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Transforming hulls in a poor condition into healthy vessels is an art. We love the fact that each project comes with its own challenges, requiring us to constantly find new and better solutions. Every project revolves around a deep respect for the specific character of the vessel as we ensure its look & feel are preserved and enhanced. Hundreds of clients have trusted us over the years to breathe new life into their vessel, either via complete renovations or partial revisions. 

Know the score

Every vessel and each request are different. Making sure that expectations are aligned is crucial to the relationship with clients throughout the project. We achieve this by making a careful assessment in advance of the intended future activities on your vessel. This leads to a bespoke recommendation, a transparent tender and realistic planning so you know the score before we even get started. 

Because planning is a critical factor for the success of the entire trajectory, SRF has chosen not to depend on outside expertise. We have everything we need in-house to get the job done, and this full-service approach makes us fast, flexible and transparent.  


Ship repairs are in our genes, part of the essence of the company and a clear focal point within SRF. These activities have made us who we are today, and will always be cherished. From large-scale repairs such as a superstructure or extension to smaller projects replacing parts, fixing damage or regular maintenance, we have you covered. 

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