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Slipway or facilities

SRF works hard to maintain our market-leading position and offer clients the best of the best. In this framework we offer modern and professional facilities to ensure our full-service promise is kept. As the saying goes, good tools are half the work. 


If your vessel has to be moved onshore for repairs, a refit, inspection or regular maintenance, our boat lift is available for vessels up to 30 metres in length and 130 tonnes. 

Hydraulic slipway trailer

Once your ship is on the hard it’s important to transport it to the right place in the yard as quickly as possible – especially as the lift is often in use. This is where our hydraulic slipway trailer comes in, allowing us to move your vessel over the premises swiftly and safely. 


We can also lift masts up to 32 metres with our mast crane to ensure a practical, safe and efficient process.

Work hall

Plenty of space is available for us to work on your vessel in a smart and comfortable way. Our work hall has a ceiling height of 10 metres, allowing us to welcome most vessels and work on them in a dry environment. 

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If you have any questions, refit or newly-build plans, or if you want to visit our shipyard in Harlingen to have a look around, please contact us to make a no-obligation appointment.

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